Out Of Nowhere

Music: Andreas Wennemann, Lyrics: Constanze Jaiser

She came across the street
I used to take each day
Her face rose-cheeked
She asked me if I may
Tell her where‘s the market
I saw lavender in her basket

Where does she come from?
Where does she go now?

And in between
The sparkling of wonders
But he’s just counting steps
Even if she would give him a kiss
He wouldn‘t realise
That it’s him she has missed

I came across the street
He used to take each day
I asked if he‘d like to meet
For a walk, maybe next day
Why not, he mumbled
I vanished, my heart jumbled…

What’s going on here?
What’s going on here?


We talk for many hours
We walk through many fields
She smiles about each flower
And he touches every leaf
He finds on the ground
While she looks around And asks herself

What’s going on here?


He embraces every tree
But doesn’t see
What is right in front of him
She’s afraid it wouldn‘t last
And doesn‘t ask
Why he never takes the risk

(To climb the tree
To climb and see
What he would find
In the treehouse above)